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Welcome to Artisan Surfaces

Artisan Surfaces - Unique, Creative Finishes for Any Surface such as this custom tile mural printed on the backface of tempered glass tiles for application in a bathroom environment. Ideally suited for wetor damp areas and is completely protected from abrasion and fading.

Artisan Surfaces provides creative, custom designs for a variety of original tile murals and unique wall and surface finishes for every architectural and decorative application.
We give you access to a number of very creative artists with a wide range of design solutions for you, the discriminating buyer.
All of our unique designs are hand crafted originals and cannot be found anywhere else.

Artisan surfaces produces custom etched and engraved tile such as this Sun-Moon design from one of our talented artisans, Chuck Ellis.

Our Focus

Artisan Surfaces specializes in providing beautiful, creative finishes and original artwork expressed in sand blasted, etched and laser engraved tiles, stone, glass, wood and various digitally printed tiles, fabrics, papers and fine art prints. All designed for commercial and residential wall and floor finishes and interior decor applications. We also can create a wide range of custom faux finishes and hand painted murals for any desired surface application.


Artisan Surfaces also produces custom multi-tile murals from any photograph or artwork such as this bathroom mural featuring a photo from the collection of Robert Ebert.  

Our Company

Artisan Surfaces was established to provide a marketing outlet for a select group of inventive, gifted artists that produce a wide variety of beautiful decorative finishes suitable for all architectural and interior design applications. We recognized early on that the advancement of computer imaging technology and digital printing processes would aid in combining a wide range of hi-tech production tools and old world craft techniques to create new art forms for surfaces. We can provide a wide range of extraordinary designs that can be etched, sandblasted, printed and cut from a vast array of materials and applied to almost any surface with outstanding results.

Contact Information

We are always interested in providing quotes and any information you might require regarding our various lines of finish materials. Please do not hesitate to give us a call and let us help you find that perfect solution for your decorative finishing needs.

We are always looking for new artists to add to our collection. If you are interested in having us represent your work or want to learn more about how we can use your designs for our product lines, please contact us.

Artisan Surfaces can produce archival photo prints of any of our images from the catalogs as illustrated here in a multiple print display of one of Robert Ebert's original Artwork designs.Artisan Surfaces can create custon ceramic tiles or wallpapers from any pattern or design such as this custom pattern from our collection of designs by Robert Ebert

This striking photo is but one of thousands hat we have available to create photo murals or multi-tile ceramic murals from. This image is from the Floral Collection by Robert Ebert

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